Colin Kaepernick Could Potentially Receive $80 Million In A Deal With The NFL

Last Friday, Colin Kaepernick announced that he and the NFL had reached a settlement over the collusion lawsuit.

Kaepernick had previously sued the NFL after he claims he was blacklisted from playing football due to his protests during the national anthem. It should be noted that he has not been able to play for the last two seasons.

The full settlement has not been revealed, but NFL columnist Mike Freeman reported “team officials are speculating to me [that] the NFL paid Kaepernick in the $60 million to $80 million range.”

While the NFL is not officially admitting they blacklisted Kaepernick, this settlement points in that direction. The timing would also lead people to believe this is their way of unofficially admitting fault, as it was settled just before the pre-trial ‘discovery’ phase, where the players and the NFL would share info.

This has caused controversy on both sides, though. On one side, people are upset with the NFL, claiming they caved and gave in to Kaepernick before a full trial, while others are calling out Colin, saying he “Sold Out.”

Regardless, it seems to be working out for the former 49ers quarterback. Not only is he looking at a pretty nice chunk of change from the settlement, There has also been talk of Kaepernick singing with the Patriots.

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