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So, if you haven’t seen the new Deadpool movie then I suggest you stop reading NOW!!!!!

Stan Lee is the man when it comes to his cameos in his Marvel films. Sometimes those cameos is what makes the movie better. It’s always good to see what Stan “The Man” is going to do. Only if he was in Fantastic Four…DON’T see that movie!

Anyways, Stan Lee has the BEST cameo in the new Deadpool movie as a strip club dj!! I could totally see that as his fall back job! I could hear him say, “Next up to the stage…Cinnamon Stardust! Excelsior!” Stan Lee had an issue with that scene…it’s not what you think it is. He actually loved it! He wanted to spend more time in the strip club! Oh Stan!

Check out the whole story here! #NerdUP



That’s right, I said it, “The Goonies” will be heading to Broadway…well Off-Broadway! Either way it’s coming to the stage, well kind of. This will be an immersion theatre atmosphere, where you as the audience are a part of the show. Sign me up for front row! If you grew up with the “Truffle Shuffle” with Chunk, well get ready to do it with him!

“Goonies never say die!” Click here if you’re a Goonie!




YG Threatens to Sue American Airlines

YG Threatens to Sue American Airlines

YG has said that he is going to sue American Airlines after being kicked off a flight for allegedly being drunk. Monday night, YG went to Instagram to record a rant stating: “Ah, F*** American Airlines on blood. They kicked me off the plane and talked about I’m drunk, they kicked me off the plane…

President Trump Attacks Don Lemon and Lebron James On Twitter

President Trump Attacks Don Lemon and Lebron James On Twitter

CNN’s Don Lemon recently interviewed LeBron James about the school the NBA star had opened for at-risk children. President Trump voiced his opinion about the two in the following tweet: Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like…

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