Why you’re seeing 5-year-old Cardi B everywhere

(CNN) – Cardi B may be the new mother of a little girl, but an image of her as a youngster is what’s hot right now.

A photo of the rapper as a 5-year-old is the meme of the moment.

The picture shows the Bronx native with her hand on her hip and a slight smile as she looks into the camera.

Some fans couldn’t resist using it as an example of that kid who repeats from adults what she shouldn’t to one who demands to be included in the fun.

“My momma said y’all have to play with me,” one person captioned it.

The entertainer, 25, even got in on the fun.

She posted one of the memes on her official Instagram account and wrote, “Yaaaa annoying for this. Leave five year old Belcalis (her birth name) alone.”

But the meme with young Cardi saying, “My momma said your daddy ain’t in college, he in jail,” particularly tickled her.

“Too funny cause i was a smart a** like this,” she wrote on Instagram.


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