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Cardi B Collabs With Fashion Nova

Cardi B Collabs With Fashion Nova

Cardi B and Fashion Nova teamed up this week to launch the Bronx native’s new fashion line. The launch was in LA and alongside a concert with Cardi, City Girls, Saweetie and others. The collaboration includes 80 pieces that have already sold out. In and interview with Vogue, Cardi said: “They are things that I…

Titanic II Will Set Sail…Seriously

Titanic II Will Set Sail…Seriously

A second Titanic ship is being built and will be a replicate of the original ship that met its fate back in 1912. While the ship will hopefully have a safer voyage than the original, there are extra precautions being taken this time around. The ship will have extra life boats with welded, not riveted…

Kanye West Meets With President Trump

Kanye West Meets With President Trump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Kanye West’s meeting with The President. Now, I’m gonna ignore the “interesting” meeting and the topics discussed in the oval office between the two celebrities. But if you want an overview, you can check it here. Instead let’s focus on the main point of…

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